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Who Are We?

LegacyBizConnect is a comprehensive online platform that assists baby boomers in selling their family businesses by connecting them with potential business successors. Our platform offers a unique set of services and tools designed to streamline the business sale process while ensuring a smooth transition and the preservation of the family legacy.


Baby Boomer Business Owners

The primary customer segment consists of baby boomer business owners who are looking to sell their family businesses and secure a successful transition to the next generation.

Potential Business Successors

We also cater to a secondary customer segment comprising individuals or entrepreneurs seeking business acquisition opportunities and are interested in purchasing family-owned businesses.

Key Activities

Profile Creation

Business owners can create detailed profiles of their family businesses, highlighting key information such as industry, history, financials, and unique selling points.

Matching Algorithm

We employ a proprietary matching algorithm that considers the preferences and criteria of both business owners and potential successors to facilitate accurate and relevant connections.

Communication Tools

Our platform provides secure messaging and communication channels, enabling business owners and potential successors to interact, exchange information, and negotiate sale terms.

Resource Library

We curate a resource library with guides, templates, and educational materials to assist both parties in navigating the business sale process, including valuation methods, due diligence checklists, and legal considerations.

Revenue Streams

Subscription Fees

Business owners can subscribe to premium membership plans, granting them access to enhanced features, increased visibility in search results, and priority matchmaking.

Success Fee

Upon a successful business sale, LegacyBizConnect charges a percentage-based success fee from the business owner.

Key Partnerships

Customer Relationships


Cost Structure

By providing a dedicated platform to facilitate connections between baby boomer business owners and potential successors, LegacyBizConnect streamlines the business sale process, empowers successful transitions, and ensures the preservation of family legacies.